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  • Bumblebees are nesting in the wall

    Blog post by Miranda Hodgson on 19 Apr 2010

    Climbing through the window into the garden the other day, I was struck by the sound of buzzing and stopped to listen. Much of it was coming from bees crawling over the rosemary flowers, whilst other bees were visiting the (unfortunately) Spanish bluebells which are popping up all around the greenhouse... Read more..

  • Is that a male or a female bee?

    Blog post by Miranda Hodgson on 01 Oct 2010

    There are still bees about, though their numbers grow fewer each week, as the temperature drops and now we have had a week of rain, which will surely further reduce the number seen. The asters are just still flowering and although they look pretty soggy right now, the bees are there as soon as the sun... Read more..

  • Blackbird subsong during a weekend tidy up

    Blog post by Miranda Hodgson on 07 Feb 2011

    It feels warm for February. The mildness has kick-started my annual plant frenzy and the urge to be outside and doing is irresistible. Just as well, because the garden plants, including the weeds, have the same idea and are suddenly bursting into growth. Cleavers ( Galium aparine ) are growing fast just... Read more..