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  • Re: Butternut Squash Disiaster

    Forum post by realfood on 18 Aug 2008

    specially bred for the UK climate are becoming available it is still extremely difficult to grow mature Read more..

  • Re: Rhubarb pests??? Can anyone help?

    Forum post by LUSI83 on 24 Aug 2008

    lots of damage but in rhubarb the larvae can t grow so isn t a major problem Only way to get rid Read more..

  • Re: Toadstools

    Forum post by Digger on 26 Aug 2008

    Yes Phot s they are commonly known as magic mushrooms they grow in pasture land I once caught some chavs in OH s field they were walking in a line from one end to the other scanning the ground as they walked when I challenged them they couldn t give me a reasonable reason why they were trespassing Read more..

  • Re: Carrots & Garlic - not rotating these crops?

    Forum post by bogweevil on 26 Aug 2008

    There is a school of thought that says don t bother with rotations just grow stuff in the moost convenient place and then move stuff on when trouble strikes if it ever does This often works quite well and should suit your needs Boggy Read more..

  • Re: I want to ask what a particular fungus is.

    Forum post by Phot's-Moll on 26 Aug 2008

    I ve just looked up Sulphur tuft I think that s quite likely It can grow on stumps or on the ground the cap matures from sulphur yellow to pale honey colour caps are 1 to 3 inches across honey fungus are up to 4 inches honey fungus has white flesh and a flappy ridge or ring on the stem underneath Read more..

  • White patches on TOMATO Leaves

    Forum post by Sunshine on 28 Aug 2008

    fruits are not affected not yet and not all plants have the same amount of these patches I grow my Read more..

  • Re: autumn salad crops

    Forum post by Digger on 29 Aug 2008

    Carrots are a good crop to grow indoors in a container at this time of year plant some earlies in a tub of soft compost and later on ding a few spuds into another container and you will be able to eat your own veg for Christmas dinner Read more..

  • Re: Idle chat

    Forum post by Phot's-Moll on 10 Sep 2008

    to grow in our tiny meadow Bluetits and longtailed tits seem to eat bugs off the trees so Read more..

  • fuschia identification please

    Forum post by Elayne on 18 Sep 2008

    directly As I understand it excorticata fuschias are from New Zealand and can grow into small trees Read more..

  • Re: British Walnuts

    Forum post by David 29971 on 18 Sep 2008

    Walnut trees do grow to a great height There is one in the RHS Wisley garden that is so tall it makes me feel funny just to look at the top of it I am sure Professor Bogweevil is aware of it I have tried growing the edible Broadleigh variety in a root container bag to keep the tree size down Read more..