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What's the best way to group ranunculus bulbs when planting out? In clumps? Or should they be planted out singly & as per the packaging's guide of "2 in" apart?

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  • 18/10/2018 02:32 PM
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    What's the best way to plant out ranunculus bulbs? As the ranunculus will be 10in tall when in bloom I thought that it would look best to group them so they appear as a spray of flowers rather than thin single blooms.

    So is it OK to plant the bulbs out in clumps - to make the grown effect more of a bouquet? Or should each bulb be planted out as per the bulb packaging's instructions/recommended 2in apart i.e. let each bulb bloom singly?

    We have 30 of these bulbs, so I though maybe plant them out in groups/clumps of e.g. 5 bulbs each 'clump'. But I don't want to deprive the bulb of enough nutrients/space in the soil.

    Any ideas? 

    ~ ASunnyAspect ~