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Trees & Shrubs suffering.

Last post 25-09-2014 10:56 PM by GROWMORE. 0 replies.

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  • 25/09/2014 10:56 PM
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     Many gardeners are asking the question.   What's wrong with my tree/shrub?  So often phot's posted will show a subject that isloaded with diseased leaves, and sadly massive areas of the subject looking as dead as the DODO.  Basically there can be held as suspects, three major causes.  Firstly.  Infections, bacterial and virus.  The vast commercial impact especially from  central europe, with the traffiking of most of the plants hitting our garden centres.  Bugs etc come over in the lorry load.  Nausiating really, due to the fact that the EU tends to dictate the rules, yet in some respects are in fact the biggest offenders.  More so when dealing with chemical preventatives.  Secondly.  The climate change.  One miute, strong burning hot sunshine.  Then almost back to winter.  Icy winds and then scorching winds. This causes much of the early autumnal appearance.  So foliage is shed.  Then the internal clock of the plant, suggests it's time to start regrowth.  This is often bought to a sudden end.  Thirdly.   Water.  Recent winter floods have saturated the soil.  So much so that, some plants have really been drowned and have rotted.  Then dry spells.  Even leaving the hose on overnight, it is virtually impossible to counteract the balance.  One minute the trees are working overtime.  Drawing up water and disposing of it via transpiration.  It has suddenly become such a mixed up situation.