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A pleasant couple of hours at Kew.

Last post 06-03-2014 10:33 PM by GROWMORE. 0 replies.

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  • 06/03/2014 10:33 PM
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    Today proved to be, just what the doctor ordered.  Sunny, warm etc.  So different from what most of us on this tiny island have been confronted with over the past weeks.  As travelling to Kew, by car is such a bore.  I decided to go by train and underground.  Whoopie, it cost me nowt.  My freedom pass says it all.  I caught the 12.27 from Eltham to Victoria.  Then took the tube.  A steady stroll fro Kew Gardens station, then I was there going through Victoria Gate.  A pleasant greeting from a lady at the entrance.  Quick flash of my card.  Thank you sir, enjoy your visit.  I then made a bee line for thePrincess of Wales Conservatory where the annual orchid display was on.  I attended last year, but the schools were on holiday, and it really was too crowded.  Added to which.  I had inadvertently pressed a tiny button on my camera.  All the pictures came out silver coloured.  So I intended this year to get some good piccies.  I intend to put a selection on photobucket.  I will give details later.  I was delighted to exchange some conversation with an elderly lady.  We both agreed.  The display wasn't quite as good as last year.  I strolled the walkways, took my pictures and was home again by 5.15pm  Time now to put my beef joint in the oven for tea.

    I do find it strange.  Perhaps you are like me.  When enjoying gardens, parks etc.  Seeing a member of the staff, toiling away.  I often pass some remark like.  You're doing a good job there.  Usually this wil give the worker a brief spell to straighten the back and share a word or two.  However.  I have found that at Kew and Wisley.  Groundstaff seem afraid to engage in conversation.  Surely, the 1984 concept doesn't linger in such surroundings.  Might I ask.  Are there any other members who visit such places as Kew.  Wisley?   I would love to meet up with fellow forum members.  What say you?