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Have you ever given a thought?

Last post 18-11-2013 1:13 AM by GROWMORE. 0 replies.

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  • 18/11/2013 01:13 AM
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    In brief.  The internet can be a great friend, and at the same time.  A terrible enemy.  Lets stay with the friendly aspect.  Lets take a look at ourselves.  Our loverly community is made up all sorts.  NO! no liquorice ones.  We have pro gardeners.  We have insurance brokers,vets etc.  There are ar perhaps hiding behind the scenes, many educated ones.  Individuals well versed in horticulture.  So folks. Dare GROWMORE pose the question.  OK.  We log on. Hopefully there are some new posts.  What's this. Why is this taking place.  Believe me friends.  This really makes my day.  All sorts of individuals, asking, seeking answers, to a much loved subject.  Gardeneing. Horticulture.  In all honesty. I.  GROWMORE sometimes says to myself. Shut up. You go on and on.  True.  But then.  I love horticulture as much as I love my GOD.  Perhaps in part.  May In explain myself. Apart from being a gardener. I am a horticulturist.  I am in a way, a horticultural scientist.  Hence some of my responses to questions.  Yes at times.  My answers are ex-text book.  Thankfully. The vast majority of relpies, tend to help.  Now comes a very special thing relating to gardeners. Show a fellow gardener around your plot.  He/ she will commend you. None of this backbiting etc. Perhaps in a similar situation.  Dog walkers.  Love me. Love my dog. Great style. So folks.  My message is.

    A question is possed.  Many might answer.  lets not shout  down a previous answer.