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Plants/seeds for swap

Last post 23-02-2012 10:37 PM by jamesk34. 2 replies.

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  • 23/02/2012 09:50 PM
    • jamesk34
    • 08 May 2010
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    Hi all,

    I am looking for either a leaf, seed or plant of Streptocarpus and I have a number of plants and seeds that I could swap if anyone is interested.


    Plants available

    Young Aloe Vera (approx 10cm in height)

    Sansevieria trifisciata (well rooted cutting)


    Seeds available

    Nicotiana 'Lime Green' (full packet)

    Leek 'Lyon2 (Prizemaker)' (I have used 60 seeds out of this packet, so a few hundred left)

    Radish 'Candela di fuoco' (full packet)

    Brussel Sprout 'Evesham Special' (Full packet)

    Broccoli 'Autumn Green Calabrese'

    Beetroot 'Detroit 2 (Crimson Globe)' (full packet)

    Tomato 'Gardeners Delight' (Approx 40 seeds)

    Tomato 'Moneymaker' (Approx 40 seeds)

    Sweet Pea 'Spencer Special Mix (10 seeds)

    Sweet Pea 'Singing the blues' (3 seeds)


    Nasturtium 'Empress of India'(Full packet)

    Onion 'North Holland Blood red redmate' (Approx 240 seeds)

    Pepper 'Sweet california wonder' (Approx 100 seeds)

    Courgette 'Zucchini' (Full packet)

    Cornflower 'Tall Tutu Mix' (full packet)

    Pansy 'Clear Crystals Mix' (Full packet)

    Verbena bonariensis (Full packet)

    All seeds are new packets this year so have so by dates of 2014. Let me know if you are interested.




    Plough Your Own Furrow
  • 23/02/2012 10:31 PM
    • Anthony
    • Manchester
    • 14 Dec 2009
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    I have a good collection of young steps surplus grown on from August 2011

  • 23/02/2012 10:37 PM
    • jamesk34
    • 08 May 2010
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    is there something on my list that would interest you ?


    Plough Your Own Furrow