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Vegetable plants and expected yields

Last post 22-03-2005 4:48 PM by ken69. 2 replies.

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  • 22/03/2005 12:57 PM
    • Chris SKC
    • 22 Mar 2005
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    I run a small Horticultural project for South Kent College and my boss has asked me to do a bussiness plan for predicted income. I need figures on possible plant yields, i.e. how many pounds of beans can I expect to get from 1 plant. Thus far my search on the internet for such figures have proved futile, any suggestions, ideas would be gratefully recieved. cheers.

  • 22/03/2005 01:01 PM
    • Obelix
    • Belgium
    • 24 Nov 2004
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    Seed catalogues should have this info in the description of the plants. Failing that, if you are a member of the RHS, a direct request to their vegetable experts should yield a sensible anwswer.

    Obelix - Belgium
  • 22/03/2005 04:48 PM
    • ken69
    • Norfolk UK
    • 23 Nov 2004
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    Something here too. Chris, but only pole beans snap mentioned, but can't be runner beans, as I get a lot more than that for a 10ft row. Approximate_vegetable_yields.htm