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Garden Overhaul

Last post 07-12-2004 10:27 AM by P Stick. 1 replies.

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  • 07/12/2004 08:43 AM
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    I am about to dig up a small tired lawn and replant the area with a mediterranean garden. Should I just dig up the turf and turn it over or is it better to take off the top surface to allow room for digging, mulching and gravel etc and throw away the old turf.

    Lin Treadgold
  • 07/12/2004 10:27 AM
    • P Stick
    • North Wales
    • 24 Nov 2004
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    Hi Lin - if you just turn over the turf you must break it up and bury it well. I would not do that if you have used any weedkillers or fertilisers in the last few months. As drainage is important with Mediterranean gardens, you will need to decide on whether the existing soil is suitable. If too heavy then remove the turf and mix in sharp sand and small [pea] shingle to improve it. If you have space, save the removed turf by stacking it roots uppermost in a neat heap and covering it with some polythene sheeting to allow it to dry out. After a year you will have some of the finest top soil you could want with the dead grass roots adding fibres to keep it open. The chemicals will have dissipated by now but I wouldn't use it for sowing and small plants just in case but for adding to the garden, it is excellent.

    P Stick