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Mile a minute :(

Last post 23-07-2006 9:16 PM by lesley.smith. 4 replies.

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  • 25/04/2006 09:40 AM
    • shattered
    • 25 Apr 2006
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    hi, I have a very big problem with this plant. I wrote to all my neighbours yesterday trying to enlist their help as the plant is not in my garden but i realised how big this problem is and i know i cannot deal with it myself. One came round this morning and told me its in her garden but she has been trying since 1982 to get rid of it !! i was shocked. It has totally taken over about 5 or 6 gardens now with distribution different in each garden. I got rid of LOTS of it yesterday. She was very nice and we are going to start attacking again together this afternoon. She has told me that she's tried all sorts of things to get rid of it but has had no luck so i thought i'd get on the net and see what i could find to help us out. Pulling it out, burning, weed killers are just a few things she has tried already although i do not know which ones she has tried. Reading that this thing actually grows 6" a day has disheatened me some what this morning. Does anyone know a good way to kill this thing off? Thanks for ANY help anyone can provide. :)

  • 25/04/2006 01:33 PM
    • miranda
    • Oxfordshire
    • 17 Nov 2004
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    Hello shattered, do you mean Russian vine (Fallopia baldschuanica)? It sounds like it could be that. Pippa Greenwood gave some good-sounding advice for getting rid of it in a Gardeners' Question Time advice sheet. She said you need to cut back all of it, down the roots, and then try and dig it out. If it comes back, try a weed killer containing ammonium sulphamate (not sure if this is one that needs to be used when the plant is actively growing, though). Apply it to the cut ends of the stems and the plant will take in the poison. There's a bit more info here: [url=][/url] and here: [url][/url] I've read that Russian vine can hybridise with Japanese knotweed and produce monstrous offspring, so if you have any of that nearby, I'd get digging! :-) [Edited on 25/04/2006]

  • 14/07/2006 05:56 PM
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    Thanks Miranda. I've checked out thise links that you gave me and it's just as I thought- drastic action! You're right -it ISa monster. I thought when I cut it back earlier on this season that it would be fine - how wrong I was - it just doesn't STOP!!!!! I hope I'm successful with the drstic action!!!

  • 14/07/2006 09:41 PM
    • stevew
    • 16 Feb 2006
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    Also some methods here Lesley [url=][/url] Steve

  • 23/07/2006 09:16 PM
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    Thanks Steve. I have cut the main stems and it has now died back sufficiently to let me in at the base. I have now discovered a clematis!!!! Lesley