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Dalila’s in a pot?

Last post 01-03-2019 7:14 AM by Nigel. 1 replies.

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  • 27/02/2019 11:49 PM
    • BML
    • 14 Feb 2010
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     I have bought some reasonably expensive Dalia tubers and read on one packet that they should not be grown in a pot.  Does that make sense?

  • 01/03/2019 07:14 AM
    • Nigel
    • Paignton
    • 27 May 2008
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    I grow all my dahlias in large pots without many problems. This is mainly for reasons of keeping them out of the way of slugs and snails. Also I can group them around the front door then.

    I do find that dahlia tubers from shops and garden centres can be slow to start into growth and soaking overnight in luke warm water can help.