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Green shoots with corms on their end. How to remove them?

Last post 25-08-2017 7:31 AM by Backache. 1 replies.

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  • 23/08/2017 11:19 PM
    • BML
    • 14 Feb 2010
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    Twenty years ago we moved to this bungalow and I laid a membrane over the front garden which was supposed to block the growth of weeds and covered it with six inches of gravel.  Over the past couple of years green leaves about five inches in height have pushed their way up and I have to keep hoeing them and I know not the name of the pest and I know that I didn’t plant them.

    Apart from getting a digger in and removing a foot or so of soil, laying another membrane and covering that with gravel is there a better way of stopping what has become a pest?

  • 25/08/2017 07:31 AM
    • Backache
    • W. Kent
    • 31 Dec 2012
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    Have you tried Glyphosate (Roundup or similar) If used in accordance with the manufacturer"s instructions it should safely rid you of this recurring problem, including the roots with results seen after a couple of weeks. If shoots seem glossy they may be fluid repellant in which case it might be best to gently tread on them prior to application ( to break their skins!.)