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disease resistant pears?

Last post 18-11-2014 6:25 PM by Nell. 1 replies.

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  • 31/08/2014 09:10 AM
    • seneca
    • Birmingham, West Midlands
    • 15 Sep 2013
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    Whilst much mention is made of disease resistance for varieties of apples, there is less said about pears. Is it merely the case that pears are less prone to disease, less are generally grown compared to apples, or there really aren't many that have good tolerance. I'm planning on growing a variety or two and having looked at many of the surrounding gardens and area as a whole, most of them look pretty poor, to the point of dying. Canker, scab and rust seem the most common ailments. Conference, which is the most popular, seems to have fared worst. Has anyone any particular varieties they'd care to recommend? What's the story with "Invincible"? Is it as it's name suggests? How about Onward or Louis Bonne Jersey?

    Also, whilst pears in general have a more upright form, compared with other fruits in general, are there any which have a notably upright growth habit and produce taller, more slender trees? There is a Conference a few gardens away that looks like a rocket! Alternatively, there's a Clapps Favourite that is low and sprawling. Again, anyone have any ideas?


  • 18/11/2014 06:25 PM
    • Nell
    • Mid Wales
    • 19 Mar 2013
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    I don't have any answer to your question, but wondered if you had got any information from elsewhere that you could pass on as I am planning replanting early next year. I have a couple of pear trees which have suffered badly, both of which were conference like, although I am not sure of the exact variety. One has lost a lot of bark from the trunk, I suspect from animal damage (the previous owner grazed sheep around where they grow) and the other similarly weakened got blown over in the gales last spring. Cheers Nell.