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Acer and Japanese Limelight

Last post 02-05-2010 3:48 PM by jon jon . 1 replies.

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  • 30/04/2010 11:17 AM
    • Caroline
    • Wakfield
    • 30 Apr 2010
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    Hello fellow gardeners.  Just found this site.  Have a question about my lovely little Acer which I bought last year and has made it happily through winter in a pot at the bottom of the garden near a wall.  I imagine over time it will outgrow pot-dom and may need to be planted in the soil but I worry that it won't be as well protected from the elements.  Do they become more resiliant with age? 


    Also, I bought a tiny little Japanese Limelight last year, planted it in the raised bed and thought it had died over the winter.  Silly me didn't realise it was an underground sleeper and quite the little spreader.  It is popping up all over the place now.  I love it so don't want to remove it but am wondering exactly how invasive it is and if it will end up strangling the roots of everything else.


    Thanks in anticipation of any replies.  Much appreciated!

  • 02/05/2010 03:48 PM
    • jon jon
    • stratford on avon
    • 18 Sep 2009
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    hi caroline most acers are hardy,they mostly need an acidic soil .humus rich &moist in semi shade as full sun can scorch the leaves,your limelight is it artermisia,any chance of photo jon