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  • 24/08/2009 10:01 AM
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    The RHS forum is here to provide users with the opportunity to discuss plants and gardening and to seek and give advice. We'd like everyone to enjoy the experience and so have put down a few participation guidelines on interaction and moderation.

    Please keep your posts on-topic - many topics cover a large area, but those that drift from the subject matter and become frivolous are likely to cause annoyance to other users. Having said that, the RHS knows that gardeners are friendly people who enjoy chatting and getting to know each other, so there is an area for going off-topic, called idle chat. Here you can talk to other users informally - talk about your pets, what you did at the weekend, swap recipes or whatever.

    Advertising - while it is helpful to pass on details of businesses when that information has been requested, posts containing obvious personal advertising will be removed. 

    Users with commercial interests - We appreciate that many of our forum users have a commercial interest in gardening, whether that be as a garden designer, nursery or landscaper. Many of these users are experts in their fields, and we welcome their contributions to the forums, but realise there is a fine line between advice and advertising. If you do have a commercial interest, we ask you to keep your posts strictly to advice only. You can use your website in your footer, but only as a plain text url (ie: not as a live link).

    Respect others - this is a forum for discussing horticulture; mature discussion and debate are welcome, but personal criticism or the goading of other users is not. Please use the forum with maturity and consideration. Posts that are deliberately offensive will be removed. Replies may also be removed.

    Misunderstandings - when communicating in text, it is easy for irony and jokes to be taken literally and for others to become upset. Take care to word your posts so that you don't cause unintended offence. Using smilies can help others to understand when you are joking or just being playful.