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How do daffodils reproduce?

Last post 03-08-2009 5:47 PM by tony. 5 replies.

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  • 17/06/2009 11:51 AM
    • lucan
    • london
    • 17 Jun 2009
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    How do daffodils reproduce?

  • 17/06/2009 01:17 PM
    • sue1002
    • Ipswich, Suffolk
    • 06 Sep 2005
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     The bulbs multiply.

  • 17/06/2009 04:37 PM
    • Nigel
    • Paignton
    • 27 May 2008
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     Either by the bulbs dividing and splitting, or from seed.

    From seed it is several years to flowering size, while from bulbsthey can flower the next year and come up like the original.



  • 24/06/2009 12:14 AM
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    Daffodils reproduce by means of sexual reproduction (i.e. yeilding seed) and by vegetative means, through producing bulbils (small bulbs) around the basal plate of the parent bulb. If you wish to increase your stock of a particular variety of daffodil, dig up the bulb/s after the foliage has died down. Now (June) would be the perfect time, and pull off any bulbils that have formed on the parent plant. Replant these in the ground, but remember it may take a few years before they grow large enough to flower.  It is best not to let daffs run to seed (unless they're species varieties) as this will weaken the bulbs possibly leading to fewer flowers in subsequent years. So dead head daffs as soon as the flowers have faded, and give them a feed with a general fertiliser. If you notice that you're daffs are not so floriferous it could mean that they've become over crowded, in which case follow the above as for propagation via bulbils.     

  • 24/06/2009 07:48 AM
    • Digger
    • Northern UK
    • 18 Jul 2005
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    digger Devil Sage of the fells
  • 03/08/2009 05:47 PM
    • tony
    • inverness
    • 03 Aug 2009
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    Goody, I've just posted a question about bluebell seeds so I think the same will apply as dafodils. We've collected hundreds of bluebell seeds and hope to plant for next spring, it will be interesting to report on what comes up, plants without flowers or perhaps small flowers?

    We have hundreds of (wild?) dafodils and we do nothing to assist them, they compete with all the other weeds. If the bluebell experiment works then I shall collect the dafodil seeds next year and wait.