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Choice Woodlanders at Wisley next March!

Posted by Wisley Plant Centre on 08 Nov 2011 at 12:43 PM

On March 17th next year, the event 'Woodland Gems for your Garden' in the Wisley Plant Centre showcases elegant and sophisticated shade-lovers, focusing especially on Trillium and Erythronium (Trout Lilies). Your guide will be expert grower Hugh Nunn of Harvington in Worcestershire, who has many years of experience in cultivation of these beauties, alongside other treats such as wood anemones and Uvularia (Merry Bells).


Trilliums (below) can be tricky to grow, so you'll benefit from Hugh's advice on the tricks of the trade. He will particularly focus on species from the western side of the USA, and Hugh's well-grown plants will be available to buy.


Erythronium is another elegant genus, with recurved flower petals in colours from white and yellow through to a range of pinks, and glossy, often mottled, foliage. Again there will be a number of varieties to purchase, including Hugh's own selection 'Harvington Snow Goose', and the new and dramatic 'Hidcote Beauty' (below).

It should be a great event, whether you're a woodland plant afficianado, or just want some inspiration for a shady corner. The event is free in the Plant Centre, and there's no booking required. Hugh's talks will be at 11:30am and 2pm.


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