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Local heritage apple varieties now available from Wisley

Posted by Wisley Plant Centre on 14 Oct 2011 at 03:33 PM


If you want to grow your own apples, while at the same time helping to preserve local heritage varieties, and taking home a piece of Wisley gardens, get down to the Wisley Plant Centre. We now have available a range of one-year old maiden 'whips', specially grafted from trees in the Wisley orchard.

All 12 varieties originate from Surrey or south London and most are quite rare. The rootstock, which controls the eventual height of the trees, is the versatile M26. The height if grown in the ground will be 2.4 to 3.9m (8 to 12ft), but they can also be grown in a pot on the patio, in which case the height will be restricted.

The list of varieties is as follows: Cellini (Vauxhall), Claygate Pearmain (Claygate), Cockle Pippin (Godstone), Colonel Yate (Surbiton), Duchess's Favourite (Addlestone), Fearn's Pippin (Fulham), George Carpenter (Byfleet), Hounslow Wonder (Hounslow), Joybells (Godalming), Pixie (raised here at Wisley), Royal Jubilee (Hounslow), and Scarlet Nonpareil (Esher).

Some of the history associated with these local varieties is interesting, e.g. the Hounslow varieties were grown in orchards that are now covered by Heathrow airport, and Claygate Pearmain was a seedling found by chance in a hedge.

There are limited numbers of these specially-grafted specimens, so contact us soon to avoid disappointment. Each tree costs £30.

Telephone: 01483 211113; Email



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