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Creative, colourful and convenient

Posted by Wisley Plant Centre on 30 Sep 2009 at 12:27 PM

Are these the first words to spring to mind when you think of conifers?  Yes!  Because conifers are a wonderful way of adding colour, shape and style to your garden.   

They’re easy to grow and visually stunning.  Many change colour during the year so you can have fabulous splashes of orange, blue or purple in autumn or winter just when it's needed. 

Come and see our large selection of conifers.  Small, slow-growing, medium sized or giant, they are incredibly versatile – some are perfect for growing on patios and balconies, others are great for giving height to borders.  The Cryptomeria japonica ‘Rasen-sugi’ rising out of my small fern bed gives an almost prehistoric look with its braided curls of twisted green foliage lit up against the strong, red bark of its narrow trunk.  Or you can try a pair of formal Cupressus sempervirens either side of a door for an arresting, stately look.

If you’d like to see conifers in situ, visit the Pinetum, Rock Garden and Conifer Lawn at the RHS Garden, Wisley and then come in to us (through the gate in the Mixed Borders) and see what we can offer you.  Alternatively, come through our main entrance, there’s no charge.  And as National Conifer Week runs from 3-11 October, we’ll have lots of special stock to inspire you to garden with conifers.

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