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Amazing Acers

Posted by Wisley Plant Centre on 01 May 2009 at 09:35 AM

Wow, we currently have 81 different varieties of Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) in stock.
This is truly the best time to buy if you want the widest selection to choose from.
We have a huge range of sizes too - from the 3 litre pot size up to a whopping 160 litre. Prices start at £25. Varieties come in all shapes, colours and sizes from the finely dissected foliage types to those with large bold leaves.
They can be grown as small bushes, weeping standards and large trees depending which one you choose.
One of my favourites is called ‘Villa Taranto’ – with its deeply divided green and red foliage, but I think everyone has their favourite when it comes to Japanese maples.
These beauties always feature highly at the Chelsea Flower Show so be quick to buy before everyone else wants one.  Here’s Clare cuddling up to her choice ‘Viridis‘.


 Wisley Plant Centre


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