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Pinks and greens, a sight to be seen

Posted by Tutti Fruit on 25 Apr 2010 at 09:13 PM



The apple stepovers are now coming into their own, putting on a show that defies the barren soil beneath them (it's been so dry I've held off seed sowing).  One of the earlier apples here is 'Katy' (syn. 'Katya') a Swedish variety, producing lovely bright red apples.  I'm happy to see the colours knitting together.  Even the cabbages, chosen rather for their compact pointed shape (Cabbage 'Pyramid' F1), have pink tinged veins.


I've sown Wild Camomile as a medicinal herb and companion plant inbetween the cabbages.  It's about 2 weeks on and I think I can see the first two tiny seed leaves (or cotyledons) - just hope they grow fast enough to be effective before I harvest my cabbages. Surprise


As you may have gathered, there's no shortage of lettuce here.  I suppose the slugs'll get to know about it sooner or later.






Lettuce are a good decorative filler for the time being, but I don't seem to have grasped the successional bit yet, so this lot will probably be ready to eat all at once.




The irrigation has all been repaired thanks to Lee whose job this is.  Extra holes in the tubing appeared last year.  A thirsty animal made a determined effort to tap into the water supply and a straying border fork had the same outcome, by piercing through the plastic.


Really excited to see this parasitic wasp darting around over the apples.  There was more than one and they didn't seem to be pollinating.  Hopefully doing more than just sunbathing though.  Perhaps some sort of beneficial predator.  Further investigation is required, so I'll keep you informed of my findings.



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