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Is this the new string theory?

Posted by Tutti Fruit on 09 Apr 2010 at 08:44 PM

..or just the work of a rather large spider?

perhaps it's just my own 'Theory of Everything' potager related...




Well...ok, you're right, it's none of these things.  In putting together this potager design I realised it was important to keep it simple (unlike String Theory?) while remaining interesting. I had an idea of the sort of crops I could use as dot, line and filler, but had it in my head that so long as the geometric shapes look good on paper, then they should look good in the ground whatever I decide to grow there.  Hm?  Well we'll see about that.




It took Joe and I the best part of a day to measure and mark up, with bamboo canes and string.  I would have been fairly tearing my hair out if it weren't for the brilliance of Joe's mathematical brain (and the calculator).  It's more complicated than it looks.  I was so chuffed when we got the zigzag lines of the middle beds worked out that I planted them up the next day - onion 'Santero' and two varieties of shallot 'Jermor' and 'Pikant'.




The trick is to make a shallow channel or 'drill' with the corner of a hoe, space the sets along the bottom and then drag the displaced earth back over again with gentle fingers, so the tops are just peeping through.  This way you avoid compacting the soil beneath the set, so the developing roots can easily push through and I learnt this technique soon after sowing all my sets (the wrong way, oopsEmbarrassed - I'd plunged them in compressing the soil, so more likely to get rotten old roots - 'L-plates' please?).


Determined to get something else in the ground before Easter I planted potato 'Swift' (first early) into the cold wet earth in week 13.  Spuds are groundbreakers so I'm hoping that a bit of compaction (because of working the soil when wet) won't harm their development - whether it does or it doesn't I'll have learnt something!  I use a bulb planter to make the holes 30cm apart and deep enough so that when in the hole the top of the potato is 10cm below soil level.


The north facing aspect of the potager doesn't lend itself to early sowing, esp. this year, the winter hanging around for longer than usual.  While impatiently waiting for the soil to warm up and I went fishing for ideas in the fruit and veg forum. Read my question and the useful tips and advice that people gave me, here.




Remember these lettuce sown mid February in a seed tray, pricked out and potted on a month later?  I'm starting to plant them outBig Smile.  Once in the ground I will harden them off under fleece for a couple of days so they don't get the hump when they realise they're not in the warmth of a green house anymore.



EvaInNL said:

That's a pretty impressive plan you've come up with WT, very ambitious! Am looking forward to seeing pics of the results! Good luck!

on 13 Apr 2010 at 09:40 AM