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Stepover makeover!

Posted by Tutti Fruit on 28 Mar 2010 at 04:11 PM

This is how the potager looked back in February.  Box hedges dividing the plot(Buxus - no record of species or cultivars) - that one on the middle-left is completely out of proportion with the others. These plants can work beautifully in a formal potager, providing all year round interest.  Also they provide shelter for young plants..

...but in this small area I feel they are hogging valuable cropping space. Digging over the beds with fellow trainee Paul Abbott (pictured above), we discovered the Buxus roots spreading far into the middle of the bed.  This was slightly alarming because I realised they might snatch up the water and nutrients intended for my crops. I wouldn't mind so much if only they were edible! 

Given that a potager (word derived from French language, meaning 'soup') is a vibrant collection of all different kinds of crops... herbs mingle with veg..edged by flowers...intertwining with fruit bushes/vines...these are my 'imaginings' - do you get the picture? And these inedible cuboids, where do they fit in? (Well, I decided they don't Stick out tongue)


..And this is how it looks now, in mid-March complete with posts, wiring and apple trees. The tree forms are stepovers, which means one main stem bent down almost at a right-angle and trained in one horizontal direction, with lots of short fruiting branches (spurs) along its length.

I admit you'd have a job to actually step (daintily) over these particular examples because going by the height of them, they're more like hurdles!Big Smile



bogweevil said:

Nice to visit the Model Veg Garden at Wisley and, at last, not be embarrassed by the questionable standards of what should be a flagship for veg growing.  Boggy

on 29 Mar 2010 at 07:21 PM