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Trainee takes on Potager

Posted by Tutti Fruit on 17 Mar 2010 at 11:36 AM

Hello!  I'm Sigrid a Trainee on the Fruit Department at Wisley and this year as part of my project work I get to re-design, plant up and look after the Potager, located in the Model Veg Garden.

It's an exciting opportunity to create something hopefully both productive and aesthetically interesting, and bring bit of 'herby fruitfulness' into the Veg garden (since the scope of a potager includes a mix of fruit, veg, herbs and flowers). I consider myself a bit of a beginner grower (and blogger) but I'm probably in just about the best place to learn first hand from the brains of this great place.

I'm quite good at procrastinating when it comes to coursework, leaving the writing up of projects until the final week before hand-in!  Here's hoping that the fun of writing a regular blog will aid earlier write up. Encouragement gratefully received. To anyone out there pondering a training opportunity with the RHS, I hope I can encourage you too.


This is my first post and I will be bloging the changing look of the Potager through the season and include 'behind the scenes' propagation work - like the progress of my lettuce seedlings in the photos above.

I'm going to grow F1 varieties and AGM winning cultivars and include companion planting.  One of the books I am finding really useful is Joy Larkcom's 'Creative Vegetable Gardening' which I found out about while doing my research, and found this page.  These are some other websites that gave me inspiration when coming up with ideas:

The Times Online March 2008 

Bluemountainsjournal has a lovely photo of someone's back garden potager framed in Lavenda, near Sydney in Australia.

The Potager Gardener

That's all for now, in any case there's not much to see at the moment but I'll be writing another update shortly, showing you the first steps of the Potager re-vamp.





Mark David Sharp said:

Hello. All the best with the "first for blogging". I look forward to following the project. I wish you all the best. Here in Denmark after the VERY cold winter everything is way behind.

Best regards. MDS

on 19 Mar 2010 at 09:45 AM