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Wisley's A-mazing history!

Posted by Simon Akeroyd on 15 Jul 2009 at 02:15 PM

You would be forgiven for thinking that working in the turf department at Wisley is all about mowing immaculate, straight lines on finely manicured lawns.
Not last week it wasn't! Not a straight line in sight, as Wisley's Team Turf produced two grass mazes at Wisley.


The first maze is on Seven Acres - walk from the main restaurant to the Glasshouse and you can't miss it. At Wisley we are proud of our horticultural
heritage and when researching patterns, we discovered an historic RHS maze that featured in our RHS South Kensington gardens in 19th Century. It was
commissioned by Prince Albert (one of our many illustrious RHS presidents) and constructed in 1862. We were really pleased to discover this piece of RHS
history as it ties in perfectly with our Victorian-themed family activities for the summer.

It was a really complicated pattern to map out but after a bit of tweaking  (Okay, a lot of tweaking) and a lot of head scratching (my excuse for loosing more hair) we took to the site armed with a tape measure, some sticks and a large can of blue spray paint. My mowing skills were put to the test as there are a great deal of twisting pathways. With a bit more head-scratching, one accidentally painted foot and a great many amused passers by, the maze was finally completed.



The second maze is on the future Children's play area (to open in early August) . Whereas the first maze requires some navigational skills, the Snail Trail
is basically a foot race, with two intertwining tracks, starting at the centre of the snail  By the way, it is called the Snail trail - because it is in the shape of a snail - not because of the speed i ran it when testing the route!!  One path leads to the snail's head, the other to the tail - yes i know snails don't have tails, it's called artistic license! One track is slightly longer than the other - don't tell your friends, as it is an ideal way of beating them to the finish.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy our two grass mazes this summer. Right, back out there to mow some immaculate straight line on finely manicured lawns.


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