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Captains Log Star Date 2010...

Posted by Tony Smith on 26 Jul 2010 at 09:32 PM

Well, who would have thought it, a gold medal from the RHS for a crater made entirely of lettuces and an alien from who knows where and made of who knows what. It was great fun telling everyone, including the judges, that as our garden was all about perspective, and as humans simply don't possess a sense of perspective, the whole exercise was completely pointless!!

Despite this, we still got a gold medal and this in itself leads me to question whether the judges... oh no, I don't want to go there!!!

I do feel that if no one writes in to The Garden to complain I will have to do it myself. Disgusted of Cheshire I will sign it.

But seriously (now this is going to be a challenge) I must thank and pay tribute to the following without whom none of this silliness would be possible:

Derek Smith of E Smith and Son, bedding growers and designers extraordinaire. Thanks to all the Smith family for their support, hard work and skill.

John Humphreys, superb sculptor, good friend and kindred spirit.

Rob of Rob's Mini Diggers Ltd. by far the best person in the world to have by your side when you are in a crater.

Finally, to all those people who quietly get on with life while I am off on another trip. You know who you are. 


So long and thanks for all the lettuce!



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