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Eyes Wide Shut

Posted by Tony Smith on 26 Jun 2010 at 08:47 PM

The fact that the last 6 months have been extremely dry is just starting to make an impression on the public consciousness. Gardeners of course are pretty aware of what's going on in the real world. The rest of the population, however, seems oblivious to anything that happens beyond the confines of their centrally heated homes, air conditioned cars and offices.

I have come into contact with numerous people for whom it comes as a complete surprise when they are told that it's been unusually dry. But surely it's only the last week that the weather has been fine they say, as I show them the dust like soil that they are surprised their plants are dying in. It never seems to astonish me how disconnected we are from the things that really matter.

Now of course it's in the media: heat wave and half empty reservoirs. Now that's a story. 

Oh yes, Tatton update. The alien is still in my spare room and hasn't moved for ages. The lettuces are growing well despite the heat, hope they don't bolt!!

It feels a bit strange not being involved at Hampton. After three consecutive years it starts to feel like it's meant to be. Oh well, next year perhaps.


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