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A Sense Of Proportion

Posted by Tony Smith on 09 May 2010 at 02:42 PM

 My new improved batch of bronze fennel looks great, although I am still concerned that they may grow too tall for the tulips in the two weeks that separate us from judgment day. This however will be managed by sending them to Burston Nurseries where they will be kept in cold store, effectively suspended animation, until we plant them three days before judging.

I should have mentioned Woodcote Green Nurseries in my last post as they were the source of the finest batch of fennel plants. Thanks to James and Lara at Woodcote; I am now sleeping much better.

On the subject of stress and sleepless nights, my wife delivered to me some wise words about keeping things in proportion. Something along the lines of, 'it's only a flower show' and  'there are much more important things in life!'

This is of course true and I should, of all people, realise the wisdom of her words, especially in view of what I am to create at Tatton Park in July.

Every gardener should have a sense of proportion!



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