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Sleepless in Sussex

Posted by Tony Smith on 15 Apr 2010 at 08:01 PM

How many people, I wonder, are kept awake at night worrying about work? Quite a number I suspect. However, if I narrow the question down a little to say, how many people wake in the night terrified by a vision of pink tulip petals falling onto a carpet of flowerless verbena? I may now be on my own.

Perhaps this may be just a little over dramatic, but when your reputation stands or falls on some flowers opening on one particular day in May, it’s easy to get twitchy and I am!

The other day when the sun came out and the temperature reached 18 C I began to relax about the verbena flowering in time, but this relief was soon replaced by the notion that the tulips would now flower too early. This is of course ridiculous because the grower, Burston Nurseries, will move them into cold store to hold them back.

So again I relax and tell myself everything will be fine.

But then what about the concept behind the planting scheme in the first place. Even if the tulips and verbena flower perfectly on time, will they combine simply and elegantly with the Bronze Fennel to wow the judges, public and press.

No way to tell and that’s what makes the whole Chelsea thing so exciting. It’s risky but the potential rewards are well worth the sleepless nights.

I think!


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