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What's in a Name?

Posted by Tony Smith on 07 Apr 2010 at 08:01 PM

I am afraid it has been pointed out to me that I am guilty of hypocrisy.

In my last post I complained about the impenetrable names given to ferns at the same time as producing a garden at Chelsea with probably the longest and least catchy name ever given to a garden.

In full: The Easigrass Garden (The Urban Plantaholic's Kitchen Garden)

Just trips of the tongue does it not!

Now, I would love to explain this eccentric name by way of some clever marketing psychology speak. But alas, all I can honestly claim is that it was the first idea that came into my head in response to the sponsor’s brief. The whole concept appeared at once fully formed; structure, planting plan, horticultural joke and ridiculous name all in one.

Now you mustn’t take this to imply that I don’t suffer for my art. The ideas may be exhilaratingly easy but the realization is a most painful process.

Yes, I can see the obvious analogy, but that’s another garden as they say!



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