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A Week is a Long Time in Horticulture

Posted by Tony Smith on 08 Mar 2010 at 08:53 PM

Today I visited James and Roger at Burston Nurseries in St Albans. A week ago they had expressed concern that my Verbena Silver Anne wasn't going to make it in time for Chelsea.

What a difference a week makes especially a week of sunshine. The problem has been the almost complete lack of sunshine over the last two months since my Verbena arrived at Burstons. As soon as the sun came out so the plants started into growth.

It now looks much more promising for the show but because it's Chelsea we aren't taking any chances and have selected several batches of alternative pink flowered bedding plant varieties just in case.

Perversely the tulips, China Pink, are in cold storage to hold them back a week or so, as they would naturally flower a little early for Chelsea.

Funny old business flower shows!


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