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Easigrass, Tricky Verbena

Posted by Tony Smith on 02 Mar 2010 at 08:41 PM

Work will resume on the Easigrass Urban Plantaholic's Kitchen Garden at the end of this week. We will be finishing the plywood frame and constructing the kitchen that will house our orchid collection at Chelsea. Lots of other elements will hopefully come together over the next two weeks.The seat needs to be upholstered, lighting and water works will be installed and we have to choose floor and wall coverings for the kitchen area. 

Meanwhile, the bedding plants are causing some concern. After much detective work I purchased a good number of Verbena 'Silver Anne'. These small rooted cuttings I then delivered to my favourite grower, Burston Nurseries in St Albans. Having worked with them before I have every reason to trust Burstons with the task of growing and flowering my Verbena and Tulips on time. However, they tell me the Verbena are not progressing as well as expected and may not make it to Chelsea.

No, I don't have a backup, and in view of this I am making a vist to the nursery next Monday so I can give them a jolly good talking to.

The Verbena of course, not the grower!

PS The grass might be easi but flowering plants never are. (sorry, couldn't resist)




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