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Come on Spring!

Posted by Tony Smith on 24 Feb 2010 at 04:31 PM

At about 11am today I stepped out of the garage and onto my newly gravelled drive. The witch-hazel, Hamamelis intermedia 'Arnold Promise', is flowering and I could feel the sun on my back as I savoured its sweet fragrance. This was an all too fleeting glimpse of the spring that I hope will arrive soon. Now it's getting darker and the rain is hammering on the window as it seems to have been doing for months.

Thankfully my plants for Chelsea are all safely tucked up under glass. The Easigrass garden will have three distinct planting areas. The first, and most challenging from the growers point of view, is a bedding scheme consisting of Tulip China Pink, Bronze Fennel and Verbena Silver Ann; the flowering time of the tulips being our main concern.

The next area is planted with a collection of ferns, sheltering within a grotto and behind a curtain of raindrops. They are being kept in pristine condition within a glasshouse at Fernatix nursery, so although I am finding the winter weather hard going, the plants are safe and sound.

The third distinct area takes the form of a kitchen that has been overrun by the owner's orchid collection. The orchids will be sourced from a range of nurseries just before the show. With so many varieties of orchid avaliable all year round, this should not prove as stressful as timing the tulips to flower nicely for the judges.

Come on spring, get a move on!


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