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Show Garden Junkie

Posted by Tony Smith on 21 Feb 2010 at 10:18 AM

Last year I spent 10 months working on or at flower shows, and having completed a trio of show gardens for Quilted Velvet I think I may be addicted to them!

For me it's all about escapism. I love the unreality of it all, so much so that however exhausted I was last autumn I wasn't content with the prospect of designing only one in 2010 (the Easigrass garden at Chelsea), but wanted more. To this end I submitted conceptual designs to Hampton and Tatton in the hope that this would satisfiy the cravings.

Much to my delight the design for Tatton has been accepted and I will fill you in on this rather unusual concept in a future post.

A few days later a letter arrived from Hampton Court with bad news; my design had been rejected. Oh well, some you win, some you don't.

It's not that hard to be philosophical about this as it gives me the time and impetus to pursue other projects that have been slow to progress due to my show commitments.

One immediate aim is to produce a sculpture for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

The idea has been floating around aimlessly for over a year so it's about time it was realised. It's called 'Goodbye Camellia', so there's still a horticultural element to the idea.

In conclusion, it would be hard to kick the horticultural habit even if I wanted to!


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