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What a week

Posted by Tony Smith on 16 Jul 2009 at 12:46 PM

We received our Gold medal for the Quilted Velvet Garden at Hampton Court Palace last Monday evening and started building the third Quilted Velvet Garden at Tatton Park at 8am the next morning! No time to bask in the glory and enjoy the garden. This was the strangest feeling of the whole campaign - never before have I left a show garden as soon as it was finished.

Tatton Park has been a revelation; it is so relaxed and friendly. It may be because our first week’s work (ground work) went so well. Indeed so well that I was able to get home on Sunday to see the family, drop in to Hampton Court Palace to say goodbye to the second Quilted Velvet Garden, and catch up with friends.

We are now into the second week at Tatton Park and it continues to go smoothly, although the number of plants that we have to plant is truly daunting. Three thousand marigolds – that’s just for the frame of our picture. More about bedding when we have finished the planting….


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