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The Pain and the Glory

Posted by Tony Smith on 28 May 2009 at 09:42 AM

Well, rather a lot of the former and a small glimmer of the latter.

Just after posting my last blog, rashly entitled Turning the Corner, my neck and shoulder seized up; a consequence of a minor cordyline-induced injury and a considerable amount of tension. Can’t think what came over me, after all it is only a flower show.

As a result of this injury I found myself out of action (paddling around in circles). With the team one man down, progress was a little slower than planned but not enough to stop us finishing in time for judging. We were awarded a silver medal which, with my philosopher’s hat on, is a pretty good result especially considering my eccentric or perhaps more accurately, reckless, plant selections. There are those that felt the judges would never award any sort of medal to a garden with impatiens and cordylines as its main planting. So on reflection, no gold but glory none the less.

I am off to rehab. See you at Hampton Court for an even softer, quiltier and more luxurious experience!


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