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Bank Holiday Weekend

Posted by Tony Smith on 06 May 2009 at 04:53 PM

We started on Friday; marking out and then digging out, followed by setting out and on Saturday afternoon we came out of the ground. As I can’t think of any more outs, well not appropriate ones anyway, I shall now talk about the weather.


The Met office told us on Thursday that it would be fine and dry for the Bank Holiday weekend and so it was. Well done them!! But, oh dear, they then went on to suggest that we can expect a BBQ summer. This was confusing because I thought that was what we have had for the last two years. Apparently, they are predicting a warmer and drier than average summer! Call me a pessimist but this leaves me feeling I may have been unwise to design a soft and quilty velvet outdoor seating area. I must phone and ask if I can have a Quilted Velvet branded umbrella or two just in case!


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