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Extra Mile

Posted by Tony Smith on 31 Mar 2009 at 12:45 PM

If you see humanity as a broad spectrum, with malevolent monsters (can’t think of any off hand!) at one extreme and saint like figures at the other, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Sir Bob spring to mind, then what we deal with every day are the many shades of grey in between.


You don’t expect to be served in your local shop by a bright cheerful individual, oozing charisma and inspiring all those around to change the world for the better. You do however hope for courteous and reasonably efficient service and this is on the whole what you get. This said, a good number of individuals have gone well beyond this tolerable medium point in helping me design and plan for Chelsea. One lady in particular has earned her sainthood several times over!!!


The point of this ramble is to thank those who have gone the extra mile for me. I will no doubt mention more names later but for now:


To the staff and management of Evergreen Exterior Services Ltd (wholesale) , may your lives be full of soft quilty luxury every day!


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