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Tom Hoblyn

Tom Hoblyn Garden Designer

Trained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Tom set up a successful garden design company in Suffolk. Last year he won his third consecutive RHS gold medal, this time at Chelsea Flower Show. Work takes him far and wide and he has just returned from India having begun work on a large landscape that forms part of the grounds for a Hindu temple.

  • Date Joined: 10 Mar 2009

Turfing the polytunnel at Howard Nurseries

Posted by Tom Hoblyn on 03 Apr 2009 at 05:34 PM

Much to the delight of the staff, we spent this morning turfing 50 square metres of the Chelsea-dedicated polytunnel at Howard Nurseries. In actual fact it's wildflower turf from Coronet Turf Ltd that we need to push on a bit in time for Chelsea. I am hoping for a good show of ragged robin that is evidently abundant in the turf. We rolled out a sheet of black plastic and raked out about 10mm of compost for the turf to root into. However, I'm a little concerned about how we are going to get it to Chelsea as we will not be able to roll it back up again - but I'm sure we'll think of something.


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