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Sue Tatman

Sue Tatman

  • Date Joined: 11 Jun 2007

Friday - RAIN

Posted by Sue Tatman on 13 Jul 2007 at 08:40 PM

The weather was against us today. What started as a steady drizzle in the morning gradually got heavier and heavier. In the morning I gave all the plants a liquid feed, to help them look their best; I felt very silly watering the plants in the rain. 

Last night we finished the ponds and overflows. The garden has a really strong structure, and looks great already. This afternoon we started on the planting - into the walls! Some of the gaps in the walls are filled with Sempervivums - they look startling once in place. Other gaps in the wall are backed with copper, echoing copper elsewhere in the garden and the overall colour scheme. 

By the end of the afternoon we are all soaked through, and the ground is getting muddier by the moment. Surprisingly all the volunteers are still cheerful, despite the damp. However we decide to pack up early and head home to get dry, and hope for better weather tomorrow.


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