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Sue Tatman

Sue Tatman

  • Date Joined: 11 Jun 2007

Thursday - Day 4

Posted by Sue Tatman on 12 Jul 2007 at 08:52 PM

I was off site yesterday, getting on with stuff in the office. When I come to the showground today the change is remarkable. The walls are almost full height, the paving is in place, as are the stepping stones, and the timbers outlining the ponds and bog area are in place. It's starting to look like a garden! 

Throughout the day, the operation is masterminded by Jo and Nicky, our designers. They keep all the volunteers busy, constantly checking all the 1001 details necessary for a spectacular garden. As well as the construction work the rest of the plants arrive today - some British native wildflowers for the bog area. All the plants need careful checking, watering, and some get a manicure! 

The show ground is incredibly noisy. We have a generator running constantly, and standing next to it conversation is difficult. There are other generators around the site, and there is the constant whine of power saws and drills. Alongside this is the roar of manoeuvring lorries and insistent beeping of reversing forklifts, along with the rumble of vehicles traversing the metal track-ways. Punctuating the din are hammers striking nails and tent pegs. The only sound I can't hear in the cacophony is the feeble jingle of my mobile phone. The countless missed calls only add to the confusion, and I am thankful when half way through the afternoon the batteries on the wretched thing run out.


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