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Sue Beesley

Sue Beesley

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Soaked, muddy and tired but almost on schedule

Posted by Sue Beesley on 15 Jul 2007 at 09:10 PM

Today was a real trial.  We arrived early and got about 4 hours work in before the promised rain arrived at midday. But stopping wasn't an option so Hazel, Isabelle and I ploughed on, literally.  At times it felt less like planting and more like embedding plants in mud.  The biggest enemy wasn't the rain, it was the risk of team despondency so we were kind to ourselves and sat in the van every now and then to nurse a hot drink, dry out and laugh at our predicament.  I'm now properly tired out - a combination of the cumulative effort, the pressure of the weather, reduced sleep, the looming deadline, the endless thinking, list making, and decisions, decisions, decisions.

The rain adds to the workload because everything you touch or brush against gets muddy - plant leaves, paving and painted surfaces.  Once we finish the backlog of planting, everything will need cleaning.  But at least the area around our garden is still grass - other plots are much muddier.  On the bright side, the forecast for tomorrow is dry and all our muddy clothes are in the wash so we'll have clean, dry clothes for tomorrow. 


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