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Sue Beesley

Sue Beesley

  • Date Joined: 11 Jun 2007

A great first day

Posted by Sue Beesley on 09 Jul 2007 at 05:57 PM

The weather was kind to us and we made a very good start today. Huge rain clouds slid to either side of us all day, mercifullly holding off until we got in the van at 5pm before passing directly overhead and releasing a downpour.  So the fence is in, the plot is marked up and the hard landscaping areas are dug out. I've uploaded a couple of pictures - click the 'Photos' link above.

Tomorrow will probably be a bit slow - the fence had to go a bit higher than planned so we need more wood and paint, but we now have half a day in hand so that's fine. (The gap under the middle two panels is deliberate - we weren't that far out!)


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