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Sue Beesley

Sue Beesley

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Soggy, flattened plants....

Posted by Sue Beesley on 30 Jun 2007 at 07:58 PM

Most of my plants for Tatton Show are outside in a private part of the nursery.  I've been resisting the temptation to bring plants under cover, mainly because I don't want them to flower too quickly and also because watering is more of a headache when they are indoors.  But this perpetual wind and heavy rain is giving everything a real battering, and some are looking a bit the worse for being too wet, so today we cleared a huge area in one of the polytunnels and started laying out the plants inside.  It's funny how it looks like there are far too many plants when they are laid out in rows, but when I experiment with positioning them on the mock up garden, there still seem to be gaps to fill.

The fig tree planter is coming on - I've built the frame and wrapped the lead round it.  It wasn't easy handling 22 kilos of lead in one roll, but I worked it out and I think it looks really good. 


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