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Berries, a bountiful summer and flavoursome Fridays at RHS Garden Wisley

Posted by Sara Draycott on 02 Aug 2013 at 12:40 PM

Hands up who loves berries... Berry season at RHS Garden Wisley is special cause for celebration. The fruits are so delicious that we offer you a Taste of Wisley just as they are - served with an optional pot of cream on the side (double click on the photo for a closer look).



But our foodie people also enjoy making a fuss of them too, showing off their jewel-like colours is a gleaming jelly, say, or sparkling pre-lunch bellini.

You can start the day with Wisley strawberry compote and yoghurt, or a croissant spread with Wisley strawberry jam made in our own kitchens, break mid-afternoon for fresh fruit with cream and scones, and finish it with an indulgent strawberry pavlovaor trifle.

I love growing strawberries, and I’ve enjoyed eating them for a few weeks now.  With careful cultivar selection we can extend the harvesting season for several weeks.  Here at Wisley we grow over 30 different varieties of strawberries. Some, such as full-flavoured ‘Frau Mieze Schindler’, a favourite in continental Europe, simply can’t be purchased in large retailers because their softness makes them unsuitable for transport. ‘Anablanca’ is another intriguing variety, sometimes known as pineberry because its flavour is reminiscent of pineapple (and because the Latin name for a strawberry is Fragaria x ananassa, where ananas is from a South American name for pineapple). They’re a white strawberry and they crop early in the season, from May – the trick is to make sure you don’t mistake them for unripened strawberries! We also grow the very sweet, crimson-coloured Cambridge Late Pine.

On Fridays during the summer our Fruit and Vegetable departments, along with Taste of Wisley, are holding Flavoursome Fridays.  From 1-3pm, by the Fan Borders that lead on to the Fruit Field, and beside the Honest Sausage, you can sample some of our garden produce. As it’s berry time, we’ll have plenty of blueberries this week, and loads more produce besides. 


Apple season is just starting too, so we’re planning to use our new press to make fresh juice too over the next few weeks.  This week the Taste of Wisley team will prepare some small summer salads to show what can be done simply with summer. Taste of Wisley will also be serving berry lemonade and courgette cake both packed with Wisley grown produce.  Sounds fab.

If this sampling of fresh produce is inspiring you to grow your own, remember to take a good look around our Fruit Demonstration Gardens and Model Veg Garden.


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