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Orchid Fantasy comes to life at Wisley - with Helen Feary

Posted by Sara Draycott on 25 Mar 2013 at 03:04 PM

It’s been a hive of activity down in the Glasshouse and now the 'fantasy island of orchids' is open and will run until Sunday 21 April.

Pic 1: Looking bare, before the orchids arrive

Pic 2: The dead trees coming to life

Pic 3: Building the volcano

This year the display features, would you believe, a volcano, a spectacular avenue of hanging orchids and, as the name suggests, an island of orchids and that’s just in the Temperate Zone. We’ve also been promised clouds made of orchids over the pool in the Tropical Zone and pillars and beds packed with fabulous colour.

Pic 4: The island of orchids takes shape

In the Glasshouse Gallery David Mclaughlin is on screen, and attracting quite a crowd, with a new video full of advice on growing orchids at home. You can also find out David’s top ten tips for growing orchids and see framed prints of some lovely old orchid pictures from the Lindley Library in London. These are available to buy from the RHS website in different sizes, with or without frames.

Pic 5: The towering inferno

Pic 6: A lush landscape of cool orchids


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