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Blocked Drains, Steinbeck and Bunnies in Wisley's Wild Garden with Rohanna Heyes

Posted by Sara Draycott on 30 Jan 2013 at 10:00 AM

John Steinbeck said: “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” Surely after all the wintery weather we have had of late, it must be time for a sweet summer ahead. But actually I quite like some bits of winter, the excess of layers, of hats, hoods, scarfs, mittens and gumboots. A time of bonfires, hot tea, pruned branches and puddles with deep reflections.
I am now working with the Turf Team, who, you guessed it, look after all the turf at Wisley, but actually they do other things besides, including helping keep the gardens accessible to the public. After the snow and rain of late there were some rather overflowing ditches in the Wild Garden, so we donned the waders and got into some pretty cool waters to inspect was causing the blockage of flow.

pic 1 James inspects the depth of the flood in the centre of the Wild Garden

pic 2 First we tried to clear the blockage with a drain rod, which is a series of connected pipes which are strong and bendy.


pic 3 Then we cleared sludge from the area around the outflow using a tractor mounted drainage pump.


pic 4 What ended up working was reversing the action on the drainage pump. Geroid suspects he may have found the culprit that blocked the culvert.

Meanwhile it seems the drainage problem is for the most part cleared up and much of the Wild Garden is open and ready for winter inspiration...if you go down in the woods today... 

pic 5 Theres the genteel Galanthus ...

pic 6 Orange peel sunny scents of Hamamelis...

pic 7 Bunny tail buds of Magnolia... and much much more...


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