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Wisley's indoor fireworks: our glorious chrysanthemum display

Posted by Sara Draycott on 02 Nov 2011 at 09:58 PM

What an amazing amount of colour.  This year's chrysanthemum display in the Glasshouse at Wisley is our best yet.  (Click on the images to view larger versions).


Paul Atkinson has been propagating these magnificent flowers for months. He started on the cascade chrysanthemums in February - they need about nine months of cultivation to reach this standard.  But the results give us this display of trailing waterfalls of flowers that are flowing from the giant wok and down the pillars. You'll spot 'Toulousette', 'Sato White', 'White Cascade' and others.

The mound-shaped charm chrysanthemums such as 'Red ***', 'Tang', 'Bullfinch', 'Yellow Hammer' and 'Ring Dove' might have as many as 500 blooms on each plant.


In contrast the Japanese and Chinese varieties produce just a single bloom.  These were late-starters, only propagated in late June and July.  You won't find names on these flowers - they are known only by number (such as Japanese 22 or Chinese 38).

From the Fantasia Group we do get names, such as 'Dusky Queen' and 'Valerie' (both pictured above) and 'Golden Rain'.

This amazing display will be in the Glasshouse until late November and will change slightly as the new blooms come to their peak over the next few weeks.  This is definitely something not to be missed. 


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