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An unusual type of flower shower at Wisley

Posted by Sara Draycott on 08 Aug 2011 at 03:38 PM

Have you had a look inside the Glasshouse at Wisley recently?  It's always full of amazing plants, and is currently featuring a stunning display of fuchsias.  Also looking particularly fab is one of our seed-raised banana plants Ensete glaucum which is flowering on the temperate terrace (on the path that leads up to the waterfall). The Ensete flower looks uncannily like a large shower which our trainee Joe Vary is kindly demonstrating.




Ensete glaucum or snow banana is from the Yunnan province in China where it grows in the mountains between 800 and 2,700 m (2,600 and 8,800ft). The pseudo-stem is waxy and blueish grey. The leaves can be as long as 3m. It grows very fast, and needs a lot of water and nutrients. 



For the first time in as long a time as anyone can remember, one of our cycads Encephalartos villosus is bearing cones. It has produced two rather fantastic cones which are only going to look better in the coming weeks. You can find this one in the arid section of the Temperate Zone of the Glasshouse.


Peter Jones,  Team Leader of the Glasshouse




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