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Midwinter colour and sparkle at Wisley to banish the blues...

Posted by Sara Draycott on 17 Jan 2011 at 09:50 AM

... or the greys, in this weather. It is winter, after all, but this is an exciting time of year.  Some of the most amazing plants do their thing in January and February - and they're anything but dull, unlike the skies!


This week, if it's raining, then apart from visiting the incredible Butterflies in the Glasshouse, and snapping up the last of the bargains in our Gift Shop and Plant Centre sales (now 75% off while stocks last), why not head to the shelter of the Alpine Display House.  Though small, it contains an array of plants so diverse as to keep your attention for longer than you might imagine. In this ever-changing display you might find vivid green Lachenalia, white and yellow hoop petticoat daffodils, and the strange Massonia depressa (above left). 

Outside, look out for the colour from the mix of evergreens on the Rock Garden, including Epimedium x versicolour 'Suphureum' with its glossy red and green leaves (above right).


All over the garden the flowers are starting to bloom.  Look down to your feet and you'll start to see snowdrops emerging, (see our January Plant of the Month and free Plant Centre snowdrop event on 29-30 January), and more and more hellebores brightening the woodland floor with their happy, nodding flowers.  In the grey winter light this white-flowered hellebore really grabs your eye.

But of all the senses that people often overlook, it's your nose that can eek out the real gems.  Hamamelis, or witch hazels, are supreme again this year following the cold weather.  On Battleston Hill and in the Wild Garden, you'll be able to find plenty, and your nose might also lead you to fragrant Sarcococca, (sweet box), viburnums, and daphnes.  Mmmmmmm. 



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Midwinter colour and sparkle at Wisley to banish the blues… | Gardening Advice said:

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